Former NSA chief, General Paul Nakasone, is now bringing his extensive expertise to OpenAI as a member of the board of directors and the subcommittee on security and safety. This strategic move comes as concerns grow over the risks associated with the rapid advancement of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Retired US Army General Paul M. Nakasone, who once directed the National Security Agency (NSA), has officially joined OpenAI’s board. His appointment underscores the critical role of cybersecurity in the realm of artificial intelligence technology. OpenAI has highlighted that Nakasone will primarily focus on the Safety and Security Committee.

“As AI technology advances toward artificial general intelligence, we must bolster our resilience against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats,” stated OpenAI.

Nakasone’s distinguished career includes his tenure as the commander of the US Cyber Command, where he spearheaded efforts to fortify America’s cyber defenses and protect vital infrastructure from cyber threats.

Earlier this year, OpenAI revealed it had been targeted by multiple overt influence operations aiming to exploit its AI technology for deceptive purposes. Threat actors used OpenAI’s models to produce various forms of content, from short comments to long articles in multiple languages and created fake names and bios for social media accounts over the past three months. These operations involved actors from Russia, China, Iran, and Israel and touched on sensitive topics like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the conflict in Gaza, the Indian elections, and politics in Europe and the United States.

Besides Nakasone, OpenAI’s board includes notable figures such as CEO Sam Altman, former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Sue Desmond-Hellmann, former Sony Entertainment president Nicole Seligman, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, Instacart CEO Fidji Simo, former US Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers, and ex-Salesforce CEO and board chairman Bret Taylor.

Nakasone’s addition to OpenAI’s leadership team highlights the company’s commitment to integrating top-tier cybersecurity expertise as it navigates the complex landscape of AI development and deployment.

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