It looks like the Apple Vision Pro 2 might be dead in the water. Reports suggest that Apple has halted its development due to the disappointing sales of the original Vision Pro headset, which is priced at $3,499 (around Rs. 2,90,000) for the 256GB model.

Vision Pro 2: A No-Go?

According to industry insiders familiar with the supply chain, The Information claims that the Vision Pro 2’s development has been suspended. Analysts have pointed to the weak sales performance of the current model as the main reason behind this decision.

First introduced at WWDC 2023, the Vision Pro was initially launched only in the US. Since then, Apple has expanded its availability to eight new regions, including Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the UK. The Vision Pro, described by Apple as a “spatial computer,” allows users to dive into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Cheaper Vision Pro on the Horizon

While the Vision Pro 2 seems to be off the table, Apple isn’t completely abandoning the idea of mixed-reality headsets. Reports indicate that a more affordable version of the Vision Pro is in the works and could hit the market before the end of 2025. This new model is expected to come with a lower price tag and fewer features, aiming to make the technology more accessible.

Apple has reportedly shifted its focus from the Vision Pro 2 to a different team, possibly working on reducing the cost of the Vision Pro’s components. This strategy aligns with Apple’s approach of offering different models, like the Standard and Pro versions of their iPhones.

What’s Next?

The move to introduce a cheaper headset could be part of Apple’s broader plan to expand its presence in the AR/VR market, making it more competitive and appealing to a wider audience. Fans of Apple’s tech are likely hoping for a balance between affordability and functionality in this upcoming model.

Stay tuned for more updates as Apple’s vision for the future of AR and VR continues to unfold!

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